Optimism And Pessimism Essay

Because of his world-view - "things don't go well/it's all too hard etc".

I decided the only area I would work on with him, was to help him to shift to a more Optimistic view point - technically he knew all he needed, to help his team to make the improvements the business wanted.

not pervasive) and resulting from temporary circumstances or other people - and little to do with their own character or skills (i.e. So let's take a closer look at Permanence and Pervasiveness, as in workshops I've run with leaders, these are the two aspects that often generate the most discussion, and questions.

When we are unsuccessful at something we all become, at least momentarily, down in the dumps, and maybe come to a screeching stop.

Go to the Authentic Happiness website to take the Optimism vs Pessimism test to see where you rate on the Optimism vs Pessimism scale.

(You will need to subscribe, but it's a safe site, and the test you want is called the Optimism Test) Several years ago, I worked with two Team Leaders from opposite shifts. Research shows that people with an optimistic life-view tend to outperform pessimists in all respects.Even if you are more an optimist, than a pessimist, keep reading - as this article will help you (and helps you to assist others) use ever more of your potential, by helping you to understand: Over the last 30-40 years, psychologists have studied the impact of our thoughts, expectations and beliefs on our behavior.Ouch ~ Seems like a bunch of good reasons to start to get a bit of the Pollyanna happening in your life!Martin Seligman, (Fox Leadership Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania), is known as the father of the positive psychology movement, and has done a lot of research on optimism vs pessimism.They have found, that the way you reason with yourself about the things that happen to you, has a huge impact on your success - at work, home, school, in your community etc.Pessimists are up to eight times more likely to become depressed when bad events occur; they do worse at school, sports, and most jobs than their talents would suggest; they have worse physical health and shorter lives; they have rockier relationships.Within about six months, the Optimist's team had taken significant strides toward achieving both goals, and they were talking about how they were going to celebrate when they did reach the targets.The Pessimist's team had made some improvements, but only minimal, morale had slipped even further, and they were accusing the optimist's team of all sorts of under-hand behavior.So, in business it can be good to have some pessimists attached to your team, as they will often have a much stronger handle on reality than the optimists.Of course, these two groups are likely to drive each other nuts!


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