Overpopulation Essay

Rapid population growth occurred all over the world, especially after World War II.

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Overpopulation remains the leading driver of hunger, desertification, species depletion and a range of social maladies across the planet (Tal, 2013).

If you look at the world most of the countries that are dealing with these problems it is due to overpopulation. ...hnology will help us as much as us helping each other out.

Specifically, there are too many organisms of a certain species in a habitat, so the number of organisms living there is larger than the carrying capacity of the habitat.

The habitat cannot support these numbers over time without hurting itself.

"Humans are 10,000 times more common than we should be, according to the rules of the animal kingdom, and we have agriculture to thank for that.

Without farming, the world population would probably have reached half a million by now".

As of 2011, the estimated annual growth rate was 1.10%, down from a peak of 2.2% in 1963, and the world population stood at roughly 6.9 billion. Current projections show a steady decline in the population growth rate, with the population expected to reach between 8 and 10.5 billion between the year 2040 The scientific consensus is that the present population growth and increase in use of resources is a threat to the ecosystem.

The Inter Academy Panel Statement on Population Growth called the growth in human numbers "unprecedented", and stated that many environmental problems, such as rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, global warming, and pollution, were made worse by the population expansion.

Impoverished countries do not have the money or resources to help them overcome this issue (Tal, 2013). Overpopulation is going to continue to be a growing problem all over the world unless we come together and help each other out. This is the most important environmental issue because it leads to many others.

Impoverished countries also do not have the medicine or technology to even prevent the most common of illnesses (Tal, 2013). It leads to loss of species, shortage of land, lack of resources, deforestation, health issues, pollution, and famine. The only way this is going to be stopped is by humans taking action and trying to help each other.


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