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In "Interpretation in Science and Art", Harold Osborne lays down the commonalities and differences between the two.Osborne defines science as "[interpreting] the world by bringing order and regularity into the kaleidoscopic variety of experience, subduing its vagaries in the interest of understanding." Furthermore, the basic principles and concepts in science are formulated not by deduction or logical reasoning but through intuition.When public education came, many native Africans became literate and smart. Diseases that were once incurable are now curable because of strong medicines that were provided by the white men. Every year due to bad sanitation which caused vast death among Africans.

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When the Europeans brought new medicines it helped the Africans by introducing them to a disease free life which was more civilized, thus, helping them. Imperialism brought European government and a new set of laws that protected the weak, poor, and women from abuse.

The weak and the poor had to be protected or else they would be totally dominated by the strong and would die.

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When new medicines came to Africa, African people could live longer healthier lives.

When European government was brought, new laws were established to protect the unprotected and the weak. When Imperialism came to Africa, Europeans brought new medicines that cured many diseases that were killing many people.


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