Pathos Essay

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Your ethos also increases when you use a balanced approach, which you can do by considering opposing views.

You can also increase your credibility by using outside sources for support.

Anecdotes are more inviting than a list of facts and figures, so it's wise to use them at the beginning of your persuasive essay.

You can add the facts and research (logos) for support in subsequent paragraphs.

This fallacy exploits your reader's fears, and undermines your credibility.

Always use the tool of pathos carefully, and avoid relying too heavily on emotion to persuade.Don't be afraid to replace 'bad' or 'sad' with 'horrific' or 'tragic' if the circumstances truly reflect that.An anecdote is a brief story and useful for illustrating a point.Find a dramatic anecdote that illustrates your point, and practice your skills of descriptive writing to increase the emotional appeal in your writing.Remember that pathos alone isn't convincing in the long run without a credible author and solid evidence. Once you are done, you should be able to: Did you know…Use sources your readers will recognize as reliable, such as research from scholarly journals or reputable news organizations.Be careful to avoid logical fallacies in your persuasive writing.Pathos is one of the three 'appeals' of persuasive writing.When you use pathos, you're appealing to your readers' emotions to convince them of something. When a pizza company advertises, they don't just tell you the food is good, they show you what it looks like and the facial expression of people enjoying it.One way to increase your ethos is by sharing your personal experience, and by including professional credentials if these are relevant.For example if you're a veterinarian writing about animal cruelty, you could boost your ethos by mentioning your veterinary degree or by including the suffix 'DVM' after your name.


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