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Thus we have Paul Ryan, while arguing for “comprehensive immigration reform,” declaring: “America is more than just a country. The Straussians emphasized the ideals of the Declaration, the Constitution, and the .

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Should kids say the pledge of allegiance in schools? Should citizens have the right to use the national flag to show how patriotic they are? Is patriotism more about love of native land or people?

Can love of country be stronger than love of family? Does patriotism come naturally or should it be taught?

Yoram Hazony argues that Hitler was a racialist-imperialist rather than a nationalist, because he privileged an Aryan racial empire over the German nation.

During the Cold War, conservative intellectuals, including Straussians and the brilliant Jesuit priest John Courtney Murray, advanced the concept of America as a “proposition nation” that was in conflict with a rival ideological nation, the Soviet Union.

This is the inevitable result of the “patriotism good, nationalism bad” argument.

Anti-nationalism leads to anti-patriotism except for the most cold, abstract variety of what remains of “patriotism,” which itself easily becomes a form of utopianism with a progressive bent.Meyer posited that an emphasis on both individual freedom and an organic moral order were philosophically and politically consistent.He wrote that this “fusionism” could (and should) form the core of conservative theory and practice.Reagan was anything but a typical Republican candidate, and never earned the favor of the Republican establishment. What about politicians and theorists who exalt their country by denigrating foreigners, and what about those who glory in aggression and war?Well, we have perfectly good words for these nasty impulses, for the latter. Buckley as having said something to the effect that “I’m as patriotic as anyone from sea to shining sea, but there’s not a molecule of nationalism in me.” This is a paraphrase.We don’t know his exact words, we don’t know the context, and, therefore, we don’t really know what he meant.In the final days of the Third Reich, he told a horrified Albert Speer, his closest confidant at the end, that the German people had proven unworthy and deserved to perish: It is not necessary to worry about what the German people will need for elemental survival.On the contrary, it is best for us to destroy even those things.Patriotism springs from love of the nation’s past; nationalism arises out of hope for the nation’s future, distinctive greatness. of the immediate post-Vietnam period and toward what some of us have called a new nationalism.” Assessing Reagan’s presidency two and a half years later (July 1983), Podhoretz trumpeted a “new consensus” against totalitarian Communism.Nationalism in our time is probably the most powerful of political emotions.” A decade later, in another book on neoconservatism, Kristol (as cited by Lowry and Ponnuru in their recent essay “For Love of Coutnry”) wrote, “The three pillars of modern conservatism are religion, nationalism, and economic growth.” Writing in a few weeks before the inauguration of Ronald Reagan in January 1981, editor Norman Podhoretz heralded a “new nationalist spirit” that had been building in America during the final Carter years. Podhoretz opined, “We know from the survey data that the political mood had been shifting for some years in a consistent direction away from the self-doubts and self-hatreds . This slowly building consensus made Reagan’s election possible. conservatism that lacked any foundation in them.” In 2000, Norman Podhoretz declared that both patriotism (which he defines as “love of” one’s country) and nationalism (which he defines as “pride in” one’s country) is a “common feeling among peoples everywhere,” and so “celebrating or condemning patriotism, and even nationalism, is rather like praising or deploring human nature itself.” Most of the participants in NR’s patriotism-nationalism debate have acknowledged the significance of both the ideological and the cultural foundations of the American regime. requires a culture to sustain it.” Put otherwise, patriotic ideals require nationalist sentiments.


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