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It is worth noticing that when working with large numbers, most noticably using the modulo operator, the results depend on your CPU architecture.

Therefore, running a decent 64-bit machine will be to your advantage in case you have to perform complex mathematical operations.

The point of being a good programmer is writting code that is easy to understand (comment your code when necessary!

), easy to maintain and with high efficiency, among other things.

Here is some example code - you can compare its output on x86 and x86_64 machines: The % operator doesn't behave as many people with a maths background would expect, when dealing with negative numbers.

For example, -1 mod 8 = 7, but in PHP, -1 % 8 = -1.Unary operators take only one value, for example , which takes three values; this is usually referred to simply as "the ternary operator" (although it could perhaps more properly be called the conditional operator). The addition of parentheses to show the implicit order makes this clearer: Other Language books' operator precedence section usually include "(" and ")" - with exception of a Perl book that I have. However, PHP Manual is not listed "(" and ")" in precedence list.A full list of PHP operators follows in the section Operator Precedence. It looks like "(" and ")" has higher precedence as it should be.In order to kind of emulate the way javascript assigns the first non-false value in an expression such as this:var v = a


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