Positive And Negative Impact Of Ecotourism Essay

Positive And Negative Impact Of Ecotourism Essay-87
by competing with wildlife for habitat and natural resources.More specifically, negative impacts on biodiversity can be caused by various factors.

Additionally, among all different parts of the planet, coastal areas are those which are most visited by tourists and in many coastal areas tourism presents the most important economic activity.

In the Mediterranean region for example, tourism is the first economic activity for islands like Cyprus, Malta, the Balearic Islands and Sicily.

The increased popularity of cruise ships has also adversely affected the marine environment.

Carrying up to 4,000 passengers and crew, these enormous floating towns are a major source of marine pollution through the dumping of garbage and untreated sewage at sea, and the release of other shipping-related pollutants.

Tourism can also add to the consumption of seafood in an area, putting pressure on local fish populations and sometimes contributing to overfishing.

Collection of corals, shells, and other marine souvenirs - either by individual tourists, or local people who then sell the souvenirs to tourists - also has a detrimental effect on the local environment.Overdevelopment for tourism has the same problems as other coastal developments, but often has a greater impact as the tourist developments are located at or near fragile marine ecosystems.For example: The damage doesn't end with the construction of tourist infrastructure.At the same time, coasts are under very high population pressure due to rapid urbanization processes.More than half of today’s world population live in coastal areas (within 60 km from the sea) and this number is on the rise.Contribution to government revenues Government revenues from the tourism sector can be categorised as direct and indirect contributions.Direct contributions are generated by income taxes from tourism and employment due to tourism, tourism businesses and by direct charges on tourists such as ecotax .Meanwhile the number of cruise passengers increased from 7.75 million to 12.14 million in the same period.This means that in 1999 almost 2/3 of all arrivals to the Caribbean were cruise passengers.Since the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, there is increasing awareness of the importance of sustainable forms of tourism.Although tourism, one of the world largest industries, was not the subject of a chapter in Agenda 21, the Programme for the further implementation of Agenda 21, adopted by the General Assembly at its nineteenth special session in 1997, included sustainable tourism as one of its sectoral themes.


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