Problem Solving Angles

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We know that the plane is 10,000 feet up, so we can draw a triangle with the plane at one point.We know that w is 90 degrees, which means that angle z must be 30 degrees.You'll also learn how to solve problems related to angles of elevation and depression using basic trigonometric relationships Quick!

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Try it risk-free In this lesson, you'll explore the difference between angles of elevation and depression.

We'll also be using the basic trigonometric relationships, abbreviated SOH-CAH-TOA: If you have no idea what any of that is, review those relationships first and then dive into solving problems with angles of elevation and depression. You're working in air traffic control and a plane is about to make an emergency landing at your airport.

You're in charge of clearing out the part of the runway that the plane needs to land on.

• It is assumed that the tower is vertical, making it perpendicular with the ground.

Problem Solving Angles

• This solution will use alternate interior angles from the parallel horizontal lines, so place 40º inside the triangle by the partner (bottom right).Trigonometry's connection to measurement places it in the learner's manuals for a wide variety of professions.Carpenters, construction workers, designers, architects, and engineers, to name a few, deal with measurements, and as such, they deal with triangle measures, or trigonometry.Combining your skills with similar triangles, trigonometry and the Pythagorean Theorem, you are ready to tackle problems that are connected to more real world scenarios.The situations you will be examining will be specifically related to right triangles, and you will be using our three main trigonometric functions.The answer: you can make mathematical models of all of them with angles of elevation and depression!If a person is standing on the ground, looking up at something in the sky, the angle of elevation is the angle formed between the person's line of sight and the ground.An eight foot wire is attached to the tree and to a stake in the ground.From the stake in the ground the angle of elevation of the connection with the tree is 42º.The angle of depression of the plane is 30 degrees, as shown in the picture.The plane is currently 10,000 feet above the ground and it's not quite over the runway yet.


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