Problem Solving Cycle

Problem Solving Cycle-37
 Process knowledge: knowledge of approaches and methods to be used.2.1 Nature of business problem-solving projects Business problem-solving project are started to improve the performance of a business system, department or a company on one or more criteria.

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For solution design one would also like to have prescriptive knowledge in order to use such knowledge in a more direct, instrumental way.

4.2 Solution concepts for business problem-solving Explanatory science: develop valid knowledge to describe/explain/predict phenomena (researchers).

Process design Design of process of analysis and design that is to produce the object and realization design.

Perceived and validated need It’s not the need itself that is the input for the design process, bby the principal and seen as sufficiently worthwhile to invest in.

Object design The model of the system or process to be realized 2.

Realization design Material process model through which object design is to be realized 3.

Most powerful support can be given by field-tested and ground technological rules or solutconcepts, developed by business research on the basis of the principles of design science research. Intervention Roles and Work processes are changed on the basis of the solution design and change plan. Evaluation 2.3 Quality criteria for problem-solving projects A BPS project has to satisfy the following criteria:  Performance-focused (actual performance improvement is the objective)  Design-orientedimprovisation.) (activities during the project are controlled through a project plan, as opposed to  Theory-basedone is aware of the quality of the knowledge to be used.) (one uses valid, state-of-the-art knowledge for the analysis and design activities and  Justified (one justifies the proposed solution vis-à-vis the client organization.)  Client-centered (one deals respectfully with the client system as a whole.) Object knowledge: knowledge of the problem and its possible solutions Realization knowledge: knowledge with respect to management change processes, the literate search is less complex.

Process knowledge: knowledge that can be used to design the analysis and design process.

3.2 Characteristics of design-focused business problem-solving BPS is not a purely technical-economic activity.

To realize performance improvement, organizational change is always involved.


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