Process Models For Service-Based Applications A Systematic Literature Review

Process Models For Service-Based Applications A Systematic Literature Review-56
Effective implementation of evidence-based interventions, treatments, or innovations (hereafter referred to as evidence-based practices [EBPs]) to address complex and widespread public health issues remains a significant challenge.Our ability to effectively implement an EBP is as important as treatment effectiveness because failed implementation efforts are often the underlying reason for lack of EBP effectiveness or impact in health and social care systems and organizations [1,2,3].While an increasing number of studies use implementation frameworks, the ways in which these frameworks are used or operationalized is not well described and their theoretical and practical utility are often left unexamined [7].

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Four papers applied SPI techniques or models to Web companies, and our results showed that none suggested any customized model or technique to measure the SPI of Web companies.

The SLR also revealed the characteristics of some small and medium companies and suggested that they have tight budget constraints, tight deadlines and a short term strategy.

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Data extraction included the objective, language, country, setting, sector, EBP, study design, methodology, level(s) of data collection, unit(s) of analysis, use of EPIS (i.e., purpose), implementation factors and processes, EPIS stages, implementation strategy, implementation outcomes, and overall depth of EPIS use (rated on a 1–5 scale).

In total, 762 full-text articles were screened by four reviewers, resulting in inclusion of 67 articles, representing 49 unique research projects.

However, there is a need to better understand how individual models and frameworks are applied in research projects, how they can support the implementation process, and how they might advance implementation science.

This systematic review examines and describes the research application of a widely used implementation framework, the Exploration, Preparation, Implementation, Sustainment (EPIS) framework.


Comments Process Models For Service-Based Applications A Systematic Literature Review

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