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What will the various borders among the possibly 6 or 7 countries east of Chad look like?The only issue they have no doubt about is Peace; Peace will be achieved only when all these various peoples and ethnic – religious groups will get their independence and enjoy their self-determination and freedom, following the cancellation of the murderous and inhuman frame of ‘Sudan’, a name that means just Death.

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more The political and legal dynamics surrounding the conflict in Darfur, Sudan threaten the entire structure of the international Responsibility to Protect (Rto P).

General concern in the west and Africa has been expressed in different clusters of principles and policy directives.

The recently published HRW World Report 2010 features a particular chapter on Sudan whereby the monstrous Pan-Arabist tyranny´s practices and policies are summarily exposed and utterly denounced as far as the tyrannized land of Darfur and...

more The recently published HRW World Report 2010 features a particular chapter on Sudan whereby the monstrous Pan-Arabist tyranny´s practices and policies are summarily exposed and utterly denounced as far as the tyrannized land of Darfur and the persecuted local Furis are concerned.

The current violence that is occurring in Darfur has a number of social, political and economic ramifications.

Despite the atrocities that are being committed, however, the international community has yet to fully elucidate their opinions on the issue.The Sudanese government responded by systematically destroying African Sudanese villages, not only in the South but also in West Darfur, which is heavily populated by African Muslims – not to be confused with Darfur’s Arab Muslims.The United States and other international powers have been asked to encourage and support peace talks between the Sudanese government and Darfur’s insurgent factions with the hope that such talks will bring an end to the Darfur conflict.Some importance is given to the growing insecurity in South Sudan.Unfortunately, the Report does not extend the focus, as the world´s leading Human Rights NGO should have, on Kordofan, the persecuted Hausa speaking minority, and the tyrannized Nuba of Jebel Marra.Collectively, they maintain that the primary responsibility of a state is to protect its citizens.Such protection should include prevention, reaction and rebuilding.the United Nations (UN), the African Union (AU), the International Criminal Court (ICC), and the United States (US) government-have led to (political and legal) tensions, especially with regards to the questions of genocide, Sudan’s sovereignty and peacekeeping in the troubled region of Darfur.Only through an exhaustive, in-depth approach to the reasons that have caused the ongoing Darfur Genocide, and following a thorough understanding of the criminal work of the French, namely the fabrication of a false language, an...As such, as the violence in Darfur rages on, there are a myriad of legal questions that loom unanswered making it difficult for the international community—especially, Western states—to take an active role in ending the conflict.With this in mind, it becomes evident that some of the hard pressing legal questions surrounding the violence need to be answered if the violence is to stop and change in Darfur is to become a reality.


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