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They shape their companies’ CSR policies with the aim of hedging against potential risks including egregious unethical behaviour and outright misconduct.

An in-depth examination of CSR and governance issues is particularly important, given the alarming increase both in frequency and severity of incidents of corporate fraud. companies were engaged in corporate fraud over the period between 1996–2004.

These have offered some definitions and typologies of strategic CSR behaviours in terms of corporate governance, and have demonstrated how management practices and the company’s structure of CSR strategies depend on governance factors.

In particular, board composition and ownership structure may explain strategic CSR decision-making and risk-taking.

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Corporate governance (CG) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) have been important research issues for decades.

The relationship between CG and CSR has been studied in financial literature in conjunction with the relationship between CSR, risk and corporate financial performance (CFP).

In numerous previous studies, CG has been analysed as a pre-requisit or a component of CSR (Jamali et al. The multiplicity of data sources and methodologies used in existing studies can explain, to a large extent, these differences in empirical results.

Moreover, the relationships between CSR, governance, financial structure, and financial performance are complex, requiring more global models to better understand them (Flammer ).


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