Research Proposal On Teenage Pregnancy

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Teenage pregnancy results to high risks to the teen and also to the child, it also leads to early parent hood and that means that the child will not have the opportunity to access education, the area of research that should be focused on in this area include the rate of teenage pregnancy in both developing and developed countries, the causes of teenage pregnancy and the possible solutions to the causes of teenage pregnancy, after such a research is undertaken it would aid in policy making and the prevention of teenage pregnancy.4 The collection of the data on the above mention areas of interest will both involve qualitative and quantitative data collection, the number and the occurrence of teenage pregnancy is quantitative, the type of country whether developed or developing is qualitative and the methods of collection of these data will involve a snow ball type of sampling and also information from hospitals and this information will aid in sampling the data.

The research process will first involve data collection that will aid in sampling of the data; these...

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The objective of this research is to determine, through quantitative methods and literature review, the surrounding environments of these young offenders that encourage violent crime.

The criminal justice system, in sentencing juvenile offenders, must also be looked at to determine if harsher sentences should be imposed on those who are younger than 18 years old. Running Head: VULNERABLE POPULATION Vulnerable Population of Institute Addressing Adolescent Pregnancy Did you know that: the US tops the list of highest teenage pregnancy across all developed countries?Many laws allow teens to purchase contraceptive pills confidentially, that is, without the permission......Teenage Pregnancy In The UK And Possible Strategies To Prevent It Table of contents Sl no Particulars…………………………………………………………Around one million teenaged girls become pregnant every year; close to 95 percent is unintended, and almost one-third opt for abortion?From the year 1985 to 1990, public costs from childbearing totaled 0 billion, of which billion could have been saved if a mother had her first child when she was at least 20 years old?A questionnaire will be distributed among the......?Basis for Violent Crimes Committed by Teenage Offenders: A Research Proposal Institute Senior Capstone in Criminal Justice September 22, 2013 Abstract This research paper proposes to determine the basis for why teenage criminal offenders are committing more violent crimes than ever before, including murder.Kelly (2000, p 18) noted that the prevalence of teenage...... Substance Abuse and Teenage Violence A Research Proposal Topic: ‘Is substance abuse one of the environmental factors causing teens to become violent?’ Abstract Overindulgence in licit and illicit substance abuse has a direct impact upon behavioral patterns in teenagers.thorities about the intention to conduct this research; this will involve summoning the appropriate authorities to obtain permission to conduct the research.5When the data is collected we will then sample the data and this first will mean clustering the data into two categories where we will differentiate the age differences and therefore obtain the cluster that has the ages below 20 years to obtain the teenage mothers.Questionnaires may not be helpful in obtaining the data needed because as earlier observed the teenager mothers may not be literate especially when dealing with those from developing countries.


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