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Academic year program applicants apply during the first semester of their sophomore year.

Summer program applicants apply during the spring semester of their junior year.

Participants complete a series of assignments that help prepare them for applying to graduate school.

The program culminates with each scholar completing a semester-long mentored research project.

Yeah, it's horrifying to think that so many "new" things could've been invented before and we just hadn't heard about them.

The ignorance and the need to treat other people lesser than you is mind boggling.Tesla had a way to give everyone wireless electricity much safer and cheaper than Edison.Big oil just buried him though, as I'm sure these corporate giants do with just about every step anyone takes toward independence or making old shit obsolete. '' They are up in heaven with God.'''' Dr. Mc Nair's visit, just one month after he had become the second black American to leave the Earth on a shuttle mission. Taylor was with the astronaut's family and friends at Cape Canaveral for the launching. Mc Nair had taken his saxophone with him into space, and in the day of festivities that marked his visit to the school two local saxophonists performed Herbie Hancock's '' Maiden Voyage.'''' NASA said he only had two hours here,'' Mrs. And they couldn't do anything about it.'' In Sharon Reinhold's kindergarten class, pupils colored pictures of the explosion and, with help from their teacher, composed one-sentence stories about what happened.'' All seven people on the space shuttle died,'' Andre wrote. '' I want to go into other solar systems - way out - and find new planets,'' said Nicholas Roland, a sixth grader. But others, particularly the older pupils, said their fantasies about space remained. '' I'd love to go just to experience what it's like in the weightlessness,'' she said. Taylor, who moved from Lake City to Bedford-Stuyvesant in 1966, is known at P. Current students should visit The Council for Opportunity in Education (COE) Mc Nair web page to find information on graduate schools that offer fee waivers and other opportunities for Mc Nair scholars.Contact us at k This two-year program comprises a series of colloquia designed to help students identify appropriate graduate programs, gain admission to them, and secure financial support. he was out front shaking the hands of all the students.'' An Invitation to Watch Dr.There's probably a ton of them running around in Africa right now.


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