School Scheduling System Thesis

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Using course type designations as well as information previously supplied by academic units, any courses which by nature are not expected to meet such minimums (for example, internships, independent study, dissertation, etc.) or for which lower than minimum enrollments have already been justified on an ongoing basis will be excluded from the list prior to sending it to the Dean or designate(s) of each academic unit. No later than the beginning of the next pre-registration period for the next term, the Dean must provide to the Provost’s Office, in writing, a brief justification for any courses not meeting minimum enrollments which were offered that term. The Provost’s Office will monitor the number of course cancellations and under-enrolled classes offered each term at the undergraduate, first professional, and graduate level for each academic unit to ensure that a reasonable efficiency is achieved in the allocation of faculty resources. In addition, 20% of classes should be scheduled on Fridays.

As referenced in ‘Policy for the Maintenance and Development of Classroom Technology in Instructional Facilities on the Stockton campus’ (9/1/03) the academic unit serving as steward of a building, as feasible, is given preferential scheduling within that building by the Office of the Registrar.

Classes with no assigned classroom are published in the Schedule of Classes with a TBA announcement until a classroom and time can be assigned. At any point up to, but no later than the end of the fourth day of classes, the Dean or designate(s) will review under-enrolled courses and forward to the Registrar a list of any courses to be canceled. The Dean or designate(s) is responsible for notifying faculty of a decision to cancel a course.

All regular-session classes meeting in General Assignment Classrooms are entered into the Banner Student Information System to capture accurate course and faculty related information. The Department of the cancelled course will be responsible for notifying any enrolled students of such actions and assisting them to register for other courses. A final list of under-enrolled courses will be produced after the freeze date for enrollment for each academic term. Departments are responsible for coordinating class times with faculty so that not more than 60% of their Primary Class Sections are scheduled in prime time.

Required Secondary Class Sections are scheduled before optional Secondary Class Sections. Initial classrooms assignments are made based on projected enrollment being equal to or greater than 80% of the room capacity.

Past enrollments in comparable semesters are the number of hours used by regularly-scheduled Classes in a room or group of rooms during the entire week.Weekly Room Hour (WRH) figures are normally shown either as totals (WRH used in all rooms or a given group) or as an average (WRH/room).This policy sets forth the policies used to assign instructional space in General Assignment classrooms controlled by the Office of the Registrar.are rooms in which Class meetings are scheduled for approved regular-session Courses.Classes with specialized pedagogical design are given appropriate consideration.Schedules that vary greatly from the 60/40 prime time balance may be returned to departments for adjustment.compares the number of students occupying a room to the room’s capacity.The ratio is used as an indicator of actual space utilization vs. Example: a Class with 60 students enrolled which meets five days per week in a 100-capacity classroom has a .60 Station Occupancy Ratio.Requests that underutilize space are scheduled after other scheduling needs have been met.Classes that meet using standard time patterns are given priority over those using non-standard patterns.


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