Self Storage Business Plan

Typically, these are the types of properties that evoke memories of your first drive-by encounter.For the most part, these facilities are the ones with row buildings offering non-climate storage, and these sites don’t generally have multi-level buildings.

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Keypad entry, camera surveillance, and climate-controlled units are all key elements that are included in today’s new build. Every city, every neighborhood knows its blighted districts.

Their groundwork consists of brick and steel monuments, odes to companies and corporations that have long been outsourced or have folded.

Now, these voids are convalescing into viable business investments, all thanks to self-storage.

In fact, based on an article about experts predict 10 percent of the estimated 500-700 new self-storage projects this year will be based on what the industry calls “conversions.” Conversion projects not only allow vacant buildings to become part of the economy; at the same time, they can tie in historical elements that naturally intrigue users.

It’s easy to see why the ugly duckling connotation has stuck around for so long.

Think of the first time you drove past a storage business.There were probably rows and rows of steel buildings with garage doors lining the horizon.There was probably no sign of life on the property, weeds growing through the asphalt and a front office that appeared as though it hadn’t been updated since it was built., it was stated that self-storage companies amassed .2 Billion in gross operating incomes in 2014.In the same presentation, it was said that storage facilities account for 2.47 Billion net-rentable square feet in the United States.Not only are people using self-storage, they are using it longer and plan on using it again.The same demand study referenced earlier stated that the contingent of renters who stored their goods for more than two years (30%) in 2013 was nearly double the amount from 2007 (17%).Put another way, there are 88.6 square miles of self-storage in our country – nearly 3 times the size of Manhattan.The catalyst behind these achievements is the everyday consumer.Luckily, change is underway, which is helping to resculpt the history of this industry.Here are six reasons that demonstrate this rise of self-storage.


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