Single Electron Transistor Thesis

Single Electron Transistor Thesis-20
Coulomb blockade is observed at low temperatures and is attributed to single-electron tunneling two tunnel junction barriers.

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In the case of using single dot with 30 nm × 80 nm × 125 nm dimension, coulomb blockade effect could be reduced by applying gate voltage higher than 3V and setting drain resistance higher than source's.

Our studies show an alternative approach in modeling and simulation of electronic devices and could be potential for development of novel nanoelectronic devices.

We consider the noise performance of the DISET, and an intuitive definition of the DISET charge sensitivity suggests that under certain conditions, DISETs can have a better charge sensitivity than conventional SETS, which would be attractive for quantum limited measurements.

Finally we present the first study of a DISET operated at radio-frequencies (rf-DISET), compatible with charge detection on mus timescales.

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We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services.We also extend our calculation by introduce some additional parameters such as; the effect of working temperature, gate voltage dependent, and the influence of resistance to the device characteristic.We found that increasing operational temperature will promote higher current density, both in forward and reverse bias region.A triple-dot single-electron transistor was fabricated on silicon-on-insulator wafer using pattern-dependent oxidation.A specially designed one-dimensional silicon wire having small constrictions at both ends was converted to a triple-dot single-electron transistor by means of pattern-dependent oxidation.The calculation results show fairly accurate electrical characteristics of SET as compared with experimental data.Staircase pattern from I-V are clearly obtained as the main role of coulomb blockade effect in SET system.SETS have been shown to combine all these qualities.However, random fluctuations of the background charge in solid-state systems can affect SETs and cause errors during readout.Detection of single-electron transfer in a double-dot is also demonstrated using a double-island SET.In addition, conductance suppression in this novel DISET detector allows the detection of electrostatically degenerate charge configurations of a double-dot, which cannot be achieved with single-island SETS.


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