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More than likely not and it becomes very obvious during exams. Students have stellar homework grades and then completely bomb the exam covering the exact same material.

When I ask them how they could do so well on the homework but not the exam, I hear the same thing.

This made them study less for the exams and then their grades showed it.

So, how can you use these homework sites to your benefit? Work the problems yourself first This seems so obvious but so many students skip this step. Read the problem statement and underline the keywords like we discussed here.

Chegg announced this morning that it acquired the, a student internship marketplace, for $11 million in cash and stock.

It's the third acquisition this year for the student services company, which went public in 2013.

Having a website show you the steps needed to come up with a solution isn’t really training your mind to think like an engineer.

You, yourself, have to sit down, read the problem, figure out what’s being asked for and then decide how to get the answer.

After all, during tests you won’t have the internet there to give you help. And I know you may be thinking that the problems make sense after you see the solution.

This may be true, but will you be able to apply the methods learned in that problem to others that may slightly differ?


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