Sport Sociology Research Paper

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Why do some continue to participate actively in sports throughout their lives while others are content to watch?Different questions arise when one asks how people are changed as a result of their socialization into sports.In modern societies, boys and young men continue to outnumber girls and young women involved in sports competition, but the gender gap has narrowed considerably.

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Through socialization, people develop ideas about themselves and about those with whom they interact.

Organizations such as the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport have proliferated.

Prominent among the topics investigated by sports sociologists are socialization into and through sports; sports and national identity; globalization and sports processes; elite sports systems; labour migration and elite sports; mass media and the rise of professional sports; commercialization of sports; violence and sports; gender and sports; race, ethnicity, and sports; and human performance and the use of drugs.

Why do some people find their primary identity as athletes, and what happens when injury, age, or loss of motivation brings their athletic careers to an end?

More generally, what impact do sports have on an individual’s character, relationships, thoughts, and feelings?


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