Stem Cell Therapy Research Paper

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Firstly, we will introduce some new isolation and culture technology and review its application in stem cell research.Secondly, we will introduce several molecular imaging techniques and review some researchers’ work on stem cells using these techniques.

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Finally, the current challenges and the future applications of the new technologies in stem cells are given according to the understanding of the authors, and the paper is then concluded.

Stem cells are a kind of cells that have the ability to perpetuate themselves through self-renewal and to generate functional mature cells of a particular tissue through differentiation [1, 2].

For stem cell research, some technologies are frequently used including stem cell culture, separation, and identification techniques.

At present, fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) and magnetic activated cell sorting (MACS) are the common separation methods for stem cells. Researchers had obtained the cancer stem cells from breast cancer, brain gliomas, prostate cancer [9], gastric cancer [10], lung cancer [11], liver cancer [12], and pancreatic cancer [13, 14] using this method.

In addition, some cell labeling technique had also been applied in stem cell research.

Perrimon’s group had labeled the cell using site-specific recombinant technique to randomly activate the lac Z gene in cell population [15].

Thirdly, stem cells can rebuild the organization when they are transplanted into its source damaged organization.

Lastly, even if the tissue does not suffer, stem cells can differentiate into mature cells of the tissue.

In the recent years, several stem cells have been initially used in the treatment of diseases, such as in bone marrow transplant.

At the same time, isolation and culture experimental technologies for stem cell research have been widely developed in recent years.


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