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In prisons, users will not get adequate treatment for either their addiction or their communicable disease.That is the reason why other countries that initially adopted similar draconian wars on drugs (such as Thailand in 2001) eventually tried to backpedal from them, despite the initial popularity of such policies with publics in East Asia.Even prior to the Duterte’s brutal war on drugs, the rate of HIV infections in the Philippines has been soaring due to inadequate awareness and failure to support safe sex practices, such as access to condoms.

By eliminating low-level, mostly non-violent dealers, Duterte is paradoxically and counterproductively setting up a situation where more organized and powerful drug traffickers and distribution will emerge.

shoot-to-kill policies is enormously corrosive of law enforcement, not to mention the rule of law.

The unaccountable prosecution of anyone accused of drug trade involvement or drug use also serves as a mechanism to squash political pluralism and eliminate political opposition.

Those who dare challenge President Duterte and his reprehensible policies are accused of drug trafficking charges and arrested themselves.

The mass killings and imprisonment in the Philippines will not dry up demand for drugs: the many people who will end up in overcrowded prisons and poorly-designed treatment centers (as is already happening) will likely remain addicted to drugs, or become addicts.

There is always drug smuggling into prisons and many prisons are major drug distribution and consumption spots.

The most prominent case is that of Senator Leila de Lima.

But it includes many other lower-level politicians.

Those who do have a drug addiction problem mostly do not receive adequate care.

Treatment for drug addiction is highly underdeveloped and underprovided in the Philippines, and China’s rushing in to build larger treatment facilities is unlikely to resolve this problem.


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