Supersize Me Essay

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The Ethics of Fast Food Industry in Super Size Me documentary; analysis essay of Super Size Me " data-medium-file="

w=300" data-large-file=" w=900" / illuminates the fast food industry and the morality and impact of its capitalism on the US citizens and their health.

You'll get 10 grams of saturated fat -- 50 percent of your daily recommendation, not to mention 39 percent of your daily sodium intake.

Add a Big Mac and medium fries for lunch, and you're up to 123 percent of your daily sat fat recommendation, and 96 percent of your sodium.

At one point his doctors advise him to abandon Mc Donald's before he does permanent damage.

The doctors say they have seen similar side-effects from binge drinkers, but never dreamed you could get that way just by eating fast food.

He is examined by three doctors at the beginning of the month and found to be in good health.

They check him again regularly during the filming, as his weight balloons 30 pounds, his blood pressure skyrockets, his cholesterol goes up 65 points, he has symptoms of toxic shock to his liver, his skin begins to look unhealthy, his energy drops, he has chest pains, and his girlfriend complains about their sex life.

That anyone would do it three times a day is unlikely.

Occasionally you might want to go upscale at someplace like Outback, where the Bloomin' Onion Rings all by themselves provide more than a day's worth of fat and sodium, and 1,600 calories. For best results, share them with everyone else in the restaurant. is it possible to go to Mc Donald's and order a healthy meal?


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