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Students can experiment with different sentence styles improving their expression and articulation.Examples on posters sourced from a range of subject areas. Delivers proven strategies and techniques to help students overcome many of the challenges in high school academic writing.Students not interested in essay writing skills will gain valuable experience in developing these skills regardless of the task.

Once students have learned to compose simple, compound and complex sentences, they will have the tools necessary to write longer documents such as essays, business reports, formal emails, and so on. Build up students' knowledge of equivalencies by beginning with FANBOYS (coordinating conjunctions), moving on to subordinating conjunctions, and finishing with other equivalencies such as preposition and conjunctive adverbs.

Next, students will need to link their language, creating organization through the use of linking language including sequencing. Ask students to think of some process, then use sequencing language to connect the dots.

Learn how to write clear introductions, understand question styles, discover advanced essay structures, how to deliver compelling arguments, pitfalls to avoid, referencing, critical analysis, and more. Keyed pages link to specific sections in the High School Edition for further reading and reference. Pack of A6-sized playing cards divided into characters, actions, emotions, and settings.

These cards are designed to inspire originality and build great creative writing sessions.

In classes with mixed objectives, there's a need for balance to make sure that students who don't necessarily need the task at hand still profit from the lesson.

This is never truer than when teaching essay writing skills.

From posters to books to handy writing tip sheets—we offer a range of cross curriculum resources designed to improve student writing and facilitate traditional classroom teaching.

Write that Essay supply the following classroom resources to schools. To order, fill in the text boxes with the quantities of the product and click the Order Form button at the bottom of the page.

As ESL students become more fluent, it's time to focus on how to use that fluency in specific tasks such as making a presentation or writing an essay.

The advanced topics you choose should depend upon what your students have planned for the future.


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