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Join a local group Lots of groups run in local areas for all kinds of interests including conservation, politics, special interests and team sports.

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The 5 top life skills are self belief, communication, self management, teamwork and problem solving. Teamwork is vital if you want to work well with colleagues and teammates.

You will probably have to work as part of a team in many areas of life; from class projects to planning a birthday party.

You could join a school sports team, orchestra or drama production.

You could participate in a school-wide charity event and encourage friends and family to contribute and take part too.

can do this together.” Create a project Find opportunities to work in a group.

Then make sure you contribute to the group and help others to get involved.

People can see you as someone with a positive attitude who thinks the company’s goals are important.

An attitude like this can help you get more opportunities, responsibility, training and promotions over time.

As always remember the STARRS method – it’s an expansion on the popular STARR method by one of our own Youth Ambassadors. There are so many chances in life to do something as part of a group, both inside and outside of work/education. Pick a time you worked as a team to achieve something. Write a sentence or two about the experience and describe how you showed your skills as a team player.

It helps you think about what went well in a past situation and what you would do better next time. This will help you be prepared in job interviews – and will remind you what you’ve already achieved in life.


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