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(2013, April): Human Subjects Protection and Research on Terrorism and Conflict. DOI: URL: Richard (2007, September): The Core Commitments of Critical Terrorism Studies. DOI: Jackson, Richard (2009): Knowledge, Power and Politics in the Study of Political Terrorism. (2007, August): Genetic Programming for Prevention of Cyberterrorism through Dynamic and Evolving Intrusion Detection. DOI: Hassan, Muhammad Haniff; Mohamed, Zulkifli (2012, December): Research Note: Inside an Indonesian Online Library for Radical Materials. (NATO Science for Peace and Security Series – E: Human and Societal Dynamics, Vol. In: Andrew Silke (Ed.): (Cass Series on Political Violence). Jackson, Brian A.; Bikson, Tora K.; Gunn, Patrick P. (2011): Glossary and Abbreviations of Terms and Concepts Relating to Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism. (Doctoral Dissertation, University of St Andrews, St Andrews, United Kingdom). Baecher (Eds.): (NATO Science for Peace and Security Series – E: Human and Societal Dynamics, Vol.

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(Doctoral Dissertation, University of California, Berkeley, United States). (2013): Editor’s Introduction: A Decade on from 11 September 2001: What has Critical Terrorism Studies Learned? In: Richard Jackson; Eamon Murphy; Scott Poynting (Eds.): (2), 129-144.

Available from Pro Quest Dissertations and Theses database. 3353231) Sun, Qiankun (2008, October): Statistical Modelling and Inference for Multiple Temporal or Spatial Cluster Detection. DOI: Boell, Sebastian K.; Cecez-Kecmanovic, Dubravka (2014): A Hermeneutic Approach for Conducting Literature Reviews and Literature Searches. DOI: Breen, Gerald-Mark (2008): Examining Existing Counter-Terrorism Tactics and Applying Social Network Theory to Fight Cyberterrorism: An Interpersonal Communication Perspective. DOI: Breen Smyth, Marie (2009): Subjectivities, “Suspect Communities”, Governments, and the Ethics of Research on “Terrorism”. (2006): Statistical Evaluation of the Impact of Background Suppression on the Sensitivity of Passive Radiation Detectors.

(Doctoral Dissertation, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Ahmed, Syed Toufeeq; Bhindwale, Ruchi; Davulcu, Hasan (2009): Tracking Terrorism News Threads by Extracting Event Signatures. DOI: URL: Vicki (2006): Game-Theoretic and Reliability Methods in Counterterrorism and Security.

Available from Pro Quest Dissertations and Theses database. In: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) (Ed.): Atlanta: IEEE, 182-184. (2011): Student Projects Involving the Analysis of Web Sites of Extremist and Extremist-Affiliated Groups in the United States. URL: Altier, Mary Beth; Horgan, John; Thoroughgood, Christian (2012): In their own Words?

URL: Gentry, Caron (2004): The Relationship between New Social Movement Theory and Terrorism Studies: The Role of Leadership, Membership, Ideology and Gender. DOI: Giroux, Jennifer; Burgherr, Peter; Melkunaite, Laura (2013, December): Research Note on the Energy Infrastructure Attack Database (EIAD). DOI: URL: ZKTTHw Yt UDgl HJn G0k OQigk KAQWyz PCX-ZA5Vj Xe TEej YO0VR8PHyo5xs Im8GDo Qx Nx CFw YPU3r DD*bh Gv El9Pugt1ANR2z/Gordon, Avishag (2007, August): Transient and Continuant Authors in a Research Field: The Case of Terrorism. doi: Gunning, Jeroen (2009): Social Movement Theory and the Study of Terrorism. Guzzini, Stefano (2004, June): In den IB nichts Neues? September und die Rollenverständnisse der Disziplin. DOI: Jackson, Richard (2010): Conclusion: Contemporary State Terrorism: Towards a New Research Agenda. (2009, June): Yes, No, and Maybe in the World of Terrorism Research: Reflections on the Commentaries.

URL: 14Fridlund, Mats; Nelhans, Gustaf (2011, September 10): Science and the “The 9/11 Effect”: The Mutual Shaping of Terrorism, National Security, and Scientific Research during the Last Ten Years. In: Richard Jackson; Marie Breen Smyth; Jeroen Gunning (Eds.): (2), 171-184.

(Doctoral Dissertation, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, United States). (2009): Combining Social Network Analysis and Sentiment Analysis to Explore the Potential for Online Radicalisation. In: Richard Jackson; Marie Breen Smyth; Jeroen Gunning (Eds.): (4), 756-788. (2013, March): Journals Supporting Terrorism Research: Identification and Investigation into their Impact on the Social Sciences.

(2012): A Growing Disconnect: Can the Contemporary Terrorism Literature Explain Domestic Homegrown Terrorism? In: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) (Ed.): Los Alamitos: IEEE Computer Society Conference Publishing Services (CPS), 231-236.

(2011, December): Expanding the TRI Network for Doctoral Researchers in the Fields of Terrorism, Political Violence and Armed Conflict to the United States of America and Russia. URL: Sinai, Joshua (2008, August): Review Essay: Top 50 Books on Terrorism and Counterterrorism. URL: Sinai, Joshua (2013, December): “Counterterrorism Bookshelf”: 20 Important Books on Terrorism & Counterterrorism Related Subjects. (2006): A Spatiotemporal Analysis of Syndromic Data for Biosurveillance. DOI: URL: David Martin (2010): What's Wrong with Terrorism Studies?

Available from Pro Quest Dissertations and Theses database. U494360) Stampnitzky, Lisa Rachel (2008): Disciplining an Unruly Field: Terrorism Studies and the State, 1972-2001. DOI: URL: Elephant in the Room final [Blakeley] Author's Post-Print Version for Blakeley, Ruth (2010): State Terrorism in the Social Sciences: Theories, Methods and Concepts. Olwell (Eds.): (Cass Series on Political Violence). Carey, Sabine C.; Mitchell, Neil J.; Lowe, Will (2013, March): States, the Security Sector, and the Monopoly of Violence: A New Database on Pro-Government Militias.


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