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After closing your theoretical framework, readers need to understand the context and content of your problem, its impact on the field, who participates in your project, and who will benefit from it.Creating an appropriate theoretical framework for your study or project is an important process. It requires a thoughtful and deep understanding of your research question, purpose, problem and significance, so you need to rightly align and connect all of these elements to let it be the best foundation for your work and guide your choice of data analysis and research design.Start with checking the title because you should identify a research problem or topic to prepare your theoretical framework and achieve excellent results in your education. Evaluate your project based on a central question to find the right focus, approach, and relationship to start your research.

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A theoretical framework can strengthen your research study in many ways, including: A theoretical framework specifies the key variables that have an impact on your phenomenon and highlights the necessity to examine how they differ. A theoretical framework comes from any existing theory, while the conceptual one if your understanding how you will explore a research problem, its specific direction, and relationships between different variables in your study.

There’s a difference between conceptual and theoretical frameworks, though many students keep confusing them, but these terms are neither synonymous nor interchangeable. Use this approach for any research type, including qualitative.

Any theoretical framework consists of different concepts, their definitions, and references to existing theories that you use for a particular study.

Its nature is to demonstrate your understanding of concepts and theories in terms of your chosen topic and based on broader areas of knowledge.

Write a mind map of different aspects of your topic to narrow it down to certain factors that contribute to its development and help you answer search questions.

Write a literature review of relevant projects because you aren’t the only person who likes a particular subject and you can adapt a theoretical framework to your paper.It should introduce a valuable literature review by mentioning major themes.Connect all dots between your chosen problem, research, and targeted audience.It’s not always something you can readily find in literature.Review pertinent studies or your course reading and search for suitable factors because a final choice depends on the ease of application, appropriateness, and explanatory power of your theory.Describe how your proposed study leads to investigating them successfully or mention any gaps in previous research studies to address them in your paper.Describe the case for your study and build its theoretical framework by giving references to prior research projects because a literature review matters to any thesis or dissertation.Contrast different approaches available for your project.Each one has its unique detriments and benefits, so your final choice depends on how you’re planning to use them to frame your piece of writing.To choose the most suitable and appropriate theoretical framework for your dissertation or any other paper, follow these helpful guidelines: Good theories offer a floor plan (concepts and purposes) and an elevation blueprint (structure for your paper) to help you focus your analysis plan and study design to build your research.There are some useful methods that can help you write the best theoretical framework and apply it to different parts of your research paper, including the discussion section: Consider a research problem from central questions to all early hypotheses and source materials that your paper will focus on.


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