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The implication is that they have no peace until the foetus is aborted or the child is born.The title suggests that the American’s attempt to dissuade the girl from having a child tends to increase her determination to have it as a result of the resilience she cultivates in her attempt to resist it.In the short story, Hemingway illustrates the power relation between a couple who are in the middle of making a serious decision- the girl is pregnant and she...

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Hemingway is a master gardener with the incredible ability to create such flowers.

He named this capacity of oceanic simplicity the Iceberg Theory.

The study discusses the basic narrative elements of space and dialogue and then it goes further to illuminate how Hemingway manages to give work an artistic effect through appropriate use of narrative elements.

Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) wrote “Hills like White Elephants” in 1927.

In this lesson, learn how the theme of this 1927 short story is still a hot-button issue today!

Have you ever been to a 'white elephant' gift exchange, or heard someone talk about avoiding 'the elephant in the room?Historically, a white elephant is a gift that has no usefulness to the recipient, especially when any utility in the item is overshadowed by the cost of its upkeep.For example, say someone gave you a mansion, but you couldn't pay the property taxes for it.Throughout his short stories his words show us a much more complex image than the one surfaced, they glow and rise, reaching where few can: the depth of our minds.Ernest Hemingway wrote the short story of Hills like White Elephants in 1927.'The American,' presumably the girl's husband or lover, sees the pregnancy as a white elephant gift, as we can tell from his frequent and falsely supportive nudges to get her to have the procedure, or abortion. The English expression 'avoiding the elephant in the room' colorfully indicates a situation in which someone refuses to address a typically weighty, important, or just obvious topic.For the girl, her pregnancy is not a gift that she's unwilling to receive.However, when it comes to talking about the situation with the American, she'd rather avoid the discussion altogether, even begging at one point, 'Would you please please please please please please please stop talking? The lonely rail station that serves as the backdrop for Hemingway's story represents an important decision to be made - much like a crossroads in other stories.Its isolation also reflects the girl's own desperate loneliness she feels in facing this situation, despite the American's constant interference.In the short story, Hemingway illustrates the power relation between a couple who are in the middle of making a serious decision- the girl is pregnant and she wants to keep the baby, but the man insists on the abortion operation- which will eventually affects the status of their relationship.The aim of this study is a narrative analysis of Ernest Hemingway's Hills Like White Elephants.


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