Thesis Proposal In Management

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As a part of the Ph D in International Business and Strategy, we offer the Henley International Business Masterclasses.

We provide these intensive courses on current debates and conceptual issues in International Business to give broader learning opportunities to younger scholars.

The course ' Seminar in Management' must have been completed in order to write a master thesis at our department.

There are no fixed start dates for master theses at our department.

However, please do not contact us earlier, as a “reservation” of topics is not possible.

As our capacities are limited, we cannot guarantee a master thesis supervision.Students will submit their final proposal and final thesis in the system.Coaches and co-readers will approve or disapprove the documents in TOP.The aim of the master thesis is to provide master students with insights, experiences and tips for improving their skills in practical scientific, business and management research.The master thesis counts for 20 ECTS and forms an integral and important part of all MSc programmes.For over 50 years we have stood at the forefront of teaching and research in International Business and we continue to help define the research agenda in the field as well as in International Business History and International Human Resource Management.High quality teaching spans a broad range of programmes and focuses on critical developments in international business and organisations’ strategic response to these.There shall be one oral examination (“Viva”) and one thesis to be submitted by the student for the Double Ph D Programme.Students interested in applying for this programme should clearly mention it in their Ph D application at Henley Business School.Generally, we give preference to the students of higher semesters who have completed the course “Seminar in Management”. However, your chances of getting accepted for writing a master thesis at our department are lower.Also, if you are accepted your chances of successfully writing the thesis are higher if you have already attended the seminar.


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