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This is shown through the short story of ‘Through the tunnel’.Summarily, ‘Through the tunnel’ is a short story written by Doris Lessing about a young English boy who challenges himself through an underwater tunnel.Thus, in this case, the conflict is presented as a crisis situation with implications for healthcare costs and the health of U. I like to think of it as the hero swooping in to save the day.

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The story is a rite of passage for a lonely boy whose mother is a widow and too cognizant for being over protective as he grows up.

In the story Jerry struggles with the choices of being on his own and finding acceptance, but he comes to the realisation that creating his own identity is essential as he grows up and gains independence from his mother.

In the present study, the factors related to successful recruitment and retainment of clinical faculty were investigated by exploring the lived experiences of novice clinical faculty during the role transition from clinical practice to clinical educator.

Three common themes associated with positive role transitions were identified: orientation, training, and ongoing support.

The texts of ‘Through the tunnel’ and ‘Green tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe’ conspicuously highlight the ability of storytelling to empower the individual and outline storytelling as a device to inform us of values and people’s transmission is able to transcend time.

The power of storytelling can create connections between people and allow individuals to find their inner Story telling is a uniquely human attribute.Each component has its parallel in academic writing.Since I don’t have time to dissect an entire manuscript or dissertation, I’m going to use an abstract to illustrate the concept of storytelling in academic writing.In research reports, conflicts are based in the scientific literature.Two main types of conflict in research are discrepancies in results and gaps in the literature (i.e., unanswered questions).The importance of the study is emphasized by connecting the gap in knowledge to the broader problem: the shortage of family physicians. The Character Once the background (setting) has been presented and the reader is made aware of the conflict, it is time to introduce the main character: the study.Importantly, the consequences of the present situation are clearly identified: emergency rooms are being taxed by visits from patients who would be better served by a family physician, and family physicians often engage in preventative health measures to further reduce the need for hospitalization. The study should be introduced to the reader as the solution to the conflict.The shortage of physicians is due to a shortage of clinical faculty to teach medical students.The shortage of faculty is due to high turnover rates.A good introduction takes the reader from a broad description of the problem to the specific focus of the study in a series of logical, sequential steps.In the example above, the abstract begins by describing a nationwide crisis: the shortage of family physicians.


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