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Thesis Subjects Business-51
A non-exhaustive, yet indicative list would include the following topics: calendar effects in the stock market, mergers and acquisitions, testing for the efficient market hypothesis, the interaction of housing and financial prices with monetary policy or other macroeconomic and financial variables, macroeconomic policies and the stock market, housing wealth effect and financial wealth effect, as well as, energy finance.Studies are typically being carried out using secondary data and standard statistical or econometric methods.This page provides additional information, including departmental guidelines, forms, and formatting templates, specifically designed for graduate students in the business and management department.

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Each MBA-thesis student is asked to define an intended reader of his/her thesis.

This would typically be one in a management position, e.g.

The starting point of the research question within each thesis can either be a problem or opportunity experienced within a specific organization; a trend experienced in the concurrent time (e.g.

many companies’ desire for improving sustainability); or it can be theory-driven (e.g.

So, when you are looking for a good business management thesis topic, look over all of your previous coursework.

This includes all of your business management or even business related classes. Think over ideas you wrote about in previous years or textbooks you studied.A special focus is put on providing support to the students to deliver a thorough academic study.This can be attained by emphasizing existing literature, identifying potential gaps and contribution, utilizing the appropriate methods of analysis and by presenting results under the prism of potential policy (or other) implications.An MBA-thesis will typically be problem- or opportunity-driven, and the topics will often concern issues within private companies, public organizations and/or NGOs, to plan and implement an aimed-for change like a new organizational structure; how to enhance knowledge transfer across organizational units; or how to deal with a manager-employee conflict.Theses in the area of marketing contribute both to academic knowledge and practical application.To achieve insights that are relevant in the 21st century, master theses are expected to particularly address the enabling and transforming role of information technology and digitization in marketing and distribution.a top manager, a line manager, a project manager, a change leader, or a team leader.The theses must point to managerial implications of the findings.Also, the student has to write about the changes that are brought in leadership strategy by these two aspects.One has to list the advantages of having similar characteristics during working in a business environment while preparing the dissertation on the particular topic.


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