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Thesis Open Hook Plugin allow you to place advertisement or any other CSS, PHP or HTML code any where in your blog. You can insert the code in any other hook, just paste the code there and the ad will appear.

In this tutorial we are going to use Open Hook plugin to insert adsense ads inside single post. Activate the plugin and then go to ” otherwise the code will not work. If you have problem then feel free to ask in comment.

For example in the following snippet of code you can see how to do it by calling for the There is a plugin I used in combination of creating the custom sidebars because in the current model of Word Press default behavior is that you can only use a widget once in all sidebars.

So, I use a plugin called “Widgets Reloaded” that allows me to reuse a core set of widgets across all sidebars. From the outlined code above you may see how it is now possible to create as many custom templates as you like and get the look and function you are after.

Next I created a function that tests for this specific page inside of custom_

In the function I created I call for the page content, and call for the custom sidebars I defined previously, sidebar 3, and a new custom sidebar 4.For the sake of this tutorial I have coded my custom_file to display a custom sidebar 3 which contains a .I first defined the third sidebar as the code above suggests.You may want a sidebar that doesn’t contain anything the default sidebars display.The way Thesis and Word Press work Before I go much further if you are really new to using Thesis and customizing it you should read my little primer from my first Thesis tutorial before going further.dsense allow you to show targeted advertisements to your blog readers.You can display adsense ads any where in your blog, but the most profitable and viewable place in a blog is post.However beyond the basics you may have the need or desire to have different sidebar options for different types of pages.Depending on how you’ve setup and defined your website, you may want specific items to appear in sidebars for different pages.Then I make the call for the custom template to be implemented./* TEST FOR SPECIFIC PAGE FOR SIDEBAR TUTORIAL */ function custom_sidebar_01() remove_action('thesis_hook_custom_template', 'thesis_custom_template_sample'); add_action('thesis_hook_custom_template', 'custom_sidebar_01'); Once the sidebars are working you will need to setup styling to make the sidebars have the proper width and floats to get the sidebars to behave in your layouts.


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