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These secondary colors can then easily be applied to links, borders / highlights, interior background and website background.

These secondary colors can then easily be applied to links, borders / highlights, interior background and website background.That’s pretty clever, and I’d like to see much more of such “magic” that helps non-design users make informed design decisions.It’s easy to use out of the box, and you can extend the features with a number of plug-ins.

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I believe in a future where most regular people, small business owners like my clients, can easily make their own websites. Think about it for a moment: Wouldn’t you enjoy travelling (or even living) in a foreign country if you could speak the native language?

Not necessarily because they wanna save money, but rather because they wanna be , and be able to express themselves fully. Isn’t it nice to be able to cook food yourself instead of relying on eating out every day?

There is so much theory and math in design, so there’s no reason it can’t be wrapped up in algorithms that offers a palette of choices, for various parts of the design of a website.

Here’s a short screencast in which I show you the new Thesis Design panel: Thesis 2.1 is still Thesis 2.

Think about it: In Headway, you draw the layout elements onto the layout grid. In Page Lines, they’ve taken a different approach and created various sections that lets you build commonly needed layouts. Then, you subsequently need to use the CSS area to cook some CSS that will take that HTML and form it into the layout you want. So where’s the benefit in using Thesis if you could just as well do all the heavy lifting yourself? Creating a layout involves using both the cumbersome template editor, which contains the Word Press post loop as well as containers.

Very confusing beast, even to me as a pro who loves investigating new technological toys and tools.

Pre-launch, I had high hopes for Thesis 2 since I regard Chris Pearson (the eccentric guy behind Thesis 2 and parent company DIYthemes) a very creative, original, pioneering mind.

While one might not always agree with his many opinions and stances that he passionately shares on Twitter, he does try to challenge the status quo and come up with new, innovative ways to create websites. Lots has happened under the hood of Thesis, since version 2.0.

As most regular followers of my site will know, I was not impressed with the long-awaited release of the Thesis 2.0 theme framework for Word Press.

Matt Cutts (Google’s SEO representative) and Sugar Rae Hoffman (a former Thesis evangelist) and many others have also jumped ship after the disastrous Thesis 2 release.


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