Things Fall Apart Tragic Hero Essay

Things Fall Apart Tragic Hero Essay-70
The novel mainly concentrates on the family history of Okonkwo as well as his own personal history and how British arrival of missionaries to the Igbo community served to influence the lives of the Igbo during the 19 century (Achebe 145).

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His father’s weakness fuels Okonkwo’s desire for success, that is, he becomes a very brave, wealthy and productive.

However, his violent nature contradicts these qualities.

He has been used to portray the tragic hero in any particular society.

He can be considered as the village hero throughout the whole story.

He is held in high esteem by his fellow villagers and they accorded him the respect he deserved.

This is portrayed when he is tasked with the responsibility of being Ikemefuna’s guardian [a young prisoner who was given as a peace settlement].They brought religion, weapons, and government to Umofian.When Okonkwo went back to Umofia they had already started a school and a government. Okonkwo wanted to fight the white men but nobody else in the tribe was behind him. The local government searched for him and found he hanged himself. I liked the way Chinua Achebe used lots of tragedy to enhance the novel.This made him strive to make it against all odds, working as hard as it took to become wealthy.Unfortunately, it came at a price because he ended up committing acts not expected from a hero.Okonkwo's tragic flaw was that he was so driven for success that he eventually killed himself.The book was also tragic because the white man came bringing their customs and they took over the Umofian customs.Okonkwo has portrayed his hero status in the book in many ways.Even though most people tend to associate Okonkwo with violence, this cannot be absolutely true because they fail to read the real picture behind his character.Okonkwo's father was a very unsuccessful man and he died heavily in debt.Okonkwo didn't want to be like his father, that's what drove him for success.


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