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It should be noted that these operators have a lower precedence than the arithmetic operators, so if ^ were to be overloaded for exponentiation, x ^ y z may not work as intended.Generally, all six operators can be based off a comparison function, or each other, although this is never done automatically (e.g.overloading The logical operators AND are used when evaluating two expressions to obtain a single relational result.Thus any code which attempts to do an assignment will fail on two accounts, first by referencing a private member function and second fail to link by not having a valid definition.This is done for classes where copying is to be prevented, and generally done with the addition of a privately declared copy constructor All relational operators are binary, and should return either true or false.This is in contrast to non-member operators, where the left hand operand may be coerced.As binary operators, these involve two arguments which do not have to be the same type.Operators should only be overloaded where their use would be natural and unambiguous, and they should perform as expected.For example, overloading to add two complex numbers is a good use, whereas overloading * to push an object onto a vector would not be considered good style.are treated as polymorphic functions and as such have different behaviors depending on the types of its arguments.Operator overloading is usually only syntactic sugar. Consider this operation: .) Operator overloading can provide more than an aesthetic benefit, since the language allows operators to be invoked implicitly in some circumstances.


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