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Many students find creating vocabulary flash cards boring.

Many students find creating vocabulary flash cards boring.One of the reasons is that the activity isn’t very creative.

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Why not empower students to build their own vocabulary lists?

Students will come across new words they don’t know every day in readings and discussions across the content areas.

Word map activities allows students to think about vocabulary in several ways, and further make connections with each word in relation to other words they already know.

Flocabulary’s new vocab cards are based on the Frayer model, and encourage students to define new vocabulary words on their own terms through writing and drawing.

Create a chart listing all vocabulary words introduced throughout the year.

Over a course of two days introduce prefixes and suffixes to your students. Create a chart listing common prefixes and their definitions. Following the discussion, chart suffixes and list their definitions.When students pick out their own vocab words, not only will they be more motivated to learn them, but it allows the vocabulary lists to be personalized to each student, too.With this instructional approach, the teacher provides reading passages or sentences with new vocabulary words embedded in them. Teaching vocabulary through context clues encourages critical thinking skills and helps them make connections to the word, ultimately helping them remember its meaning.What are some other tips and techniques you use in your classroom for vocab retention? She previously spent time teaching English at a monastery and student teaching at a high school.Before reading a book aloud to your class, introduce at least one new vocabulary word from the story.Compare the difference between prefixes and suffixes.Below is a sample chart to help guide your discussions.Discuss what the word means and ask your students to give you a "thumbs up" when they hear the vocabulary word in the story.After you've read the story, discuss the meaning of the vocabulary word again. Ask students to use the word in a sentence and identify a synonym or antonym.When a player gets to home plate the team scores a run.The team with the most runs at the end of nine innings wins the game.


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