What Do You Do In Creative Writing Class

Saying you have a degree from one of these places is much more impressive than from somewhere that’s lesser known. Just that some universities—even the smaller ones—are more well known in some industries than others.Every degree course is different, even if they have the same title.

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Next week I am going on a weeklong writer’s retreat run by the Arvon Foundation (which was recommended to me by a wonderful Oxford tutor and poet, Jenny Lewis).

You might be thinking, ‘well, if you’ve been to all these courses, why haven’t you been published?

You’ll have to justify each and every decision you’ve made, refer back to your work, and quote from textbooks.

The tone that you use should be more formal than your creative work, too. If one of the arguments against you studying it is that the marking is subjective, think again: there’s a strict marking criteria that you must adhere to.

These include things like originality, control of language and references.

It varies from course to course, but they have to make the criteria available to students.

Just like in every other thing you’ve ever studied, references are your friend.

Don’t bother just referencing random textbooks, though—your lecturers will be able to tell if you’ve read the book.

They probably don’t have enough experience to teach you anything worthwhile about the industry. You won’t be able to finish a degree in Creative Writing without workshopping.

In my three years at Derby, we had one lecture on the industry. When I was at Trent, what we learnt trickled in through other lectures and our process of creating the anthology. I can’t think of a module where I didn’t needed to workshop my creations. It will change as you study, but it will grow and improve.


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