What Is A Creative Writing

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Encouraging children to write a story of their very own can give them an enormous confidence boost, as well as help them consolidate their literacy learning by putting their phonics, grammar and reading skills into practice.

Primary teacher Phoebe Doyle offers parents tips on how to get their children’s creative thoughts flowing.

This is just a little guidance on how you can support them and encourage a more structured approach to their story writing. If they do have a firm idea of where they want to go with the plot, though, they can create an outline by completing a story planner, which could look something like this: Ask your child who is going to be in the story.

Firstly, ask your child where the story is going to take place. How do they want their readers to feel about each character? You could make a table for them to help them organise their thoughts, with these headings: Ask your child to think of some fabulous words to use in their story writing.

However, your concept could also be something character-driven.

The King's Speech is a personal story about a man—not just a king—who needs to make a speech, and he has a stutter.

Story openers that create tension…Molly could hear her heart beating faster than ever before. Stories that go straight into dialogue…“But I don’t want to go to school, Mummy,” groaned Molly.

Encourage your child to look at some of the books they like to read and see how they begin in order to offer inspiration.

They may wish to write in short chapters, use illustrations, or make their own book to write in – let them use their imagination and creativity when it comes to presentation, and make sure you show how much you value the end product by keeping it to read again with the other books in your house.

If your child finds writing a story a little daunting, start with something small from our list of 9 fun writing projects to do with your children.


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