What Makes You Happy In Life Essay

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To feel happiness in our own world is when you see invisible wings behind you when you smile at every person & every ray of the sun, when the feeling of delight & joy overwhelms you, sometimes it can even drive you crazy, in a good way, of course. There are priceless things in the world - health & well-being of my family or wealth; being in love comes to my mind as completely different feelings, which has nothing to do with material. When there is such person out of 7 billion people of the world population, which makes your daily mood off of the negative, that is incredible.One thought about that person can cheer you up and make you smile at all friends and every single flower on the street.I stopped convincing myself that I urgently needed a new food portion or a new series’ episode “right now” in my life.

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I tried to get rid of everything that distracts, whether those were things or people.

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My friendly advice: do not try to jump over the word volume, that is required in your state of happiness task.

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For some reason, many students get sad or get scared a little, when they face such a task about happiness, thinking about it as a problem, but let me support you. In the evening I did not want to do anything, not even talking about making it good or telling about things, that make me happy in my life. I postponed the text about happiness and its material gathering for later.

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Happiness is the definition, from which you can get to many directions of life.


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