When I Broke My Leg Essay

The sinking depression, the tears, all of this spectacle: unnecessary, dramatic. When I realized I weighed 187 pounds (I guess it hadn't occurred to me before), I panicked and stopped eating the next day. They called it “point counting.” They called it “not a diet In August, three weeks before my 34th birthday, I got up before the sun and walked two miles. About a week after I started walking two miles a day, I realized that if I ran the same amount of time that I walked, I would burn more calories. I couldn’t run at first, not more than a minute at a time, not without my body aching, cramping, just shy of collapse. By the time my leg gave up on me, I had given up 30 pounds. Weightlifting, free weights until my arms burned, machines until my legs trembled. ♦♦♦ I suffered from an eating disorder that looked like perseverance.

Bones that have been weakened somehow can be broken more easily.

In some cases, internal fixation devices, such as rods, plates, or screws, need to be surgically implanted.

This is often necessary with injuries such as: In some cases, your doctor may recommend an external fixation device.

Seek emergency medical attention for any leg fracture from a high-impact trauma, such as a car or motorcycle accident.

Fractures of the thighbone are severe, potentially life-threatening injuries that require emergency medical services to help protect the area from further damage and to transfer you safely to your local hospital.


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