Writing An Outline For A Research Paper

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Doing an outline can help you to avoid these pitfalls.You might find yourself scrambling to find the specific lines or facts from your research that you want to use.You might find yourself writing a disorganized jumble of facts and ideas that jumps around instead of flowing clearly.Again, sometimes there are details that need lots of explanation, so this is fine.If you would like, use different colors to help you read your web outline.For example, if you put the main topic in a blue circle, the subtopics in red circles, the supporting details in black circles and commentary in green circles, this can make the outline easier to read when you use it to help you write your paper.Remember that no matter which type of outline that you use, you should add as many subtopics, supporting details and commentary as you think that you will need to write your paper.You may even cross off each part of the outline after you're done writing about it.This helps you to make sure that you have covered each piece of detail and commentary that you have placed in the outline in the order that you intend to cover them.Try both outlines to see which one that you find easiest to write and to follow.An alphanumeric outline uses four types of characters to represent different parts of your paragraph.


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